5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Do you suck at breakfast?

I do. Seriously. I'm terrible at eating breakfast. If I can't fix and consume breakfast within seconds, it doesn't happen. It's always the last thing on my morning to-do list, and if it's not easy - I just walk out the door hungry (I'm probably late anyway). :D

So what's a girl to-do? I understand the importance of breakfast...I want to eat it...but the time thing gets me (everytime).

I decided that for this breakfast relationship to work, it has to be easy, fast, and portable.

Once I created a plan that met my morning food criteria, I became successful. Woo hoo. So for all you terrible breakfast eaters out there (or those who need to switch it up) I give you 5 quick and easy breakfasts.

Go forth and eat breakfast!!

1. Egg Muffins - These make ahead yummies are very versatile. You can eat them cold, or nuke them in the microwave in the morning. You can find the full recipe here.

2. Shakeology - I love this stuff. My #1 go to breakfast. Keeps me full and is loaded with nutrients. My favorite flavor is Greenberry blended with OJ, banana, ice, and water. Check it out here.

3. Greek Yogurt + Granola - Greek yogurt (I'm a plain Fage girl) and KIND's Vanilla Blueberry Clusters or Breakfast bars (like the one pictured).

4. PB Banana Sandwich - Toasting the bread also happens (sometimes). :D

5. Boiled Eggs + Fruit - 2 boiled eggs and a portable piece of fruit.