Lunchbox Breakdown

Here's my lunch. Oh mah goodness - it looks yummy. I can't wait till lunchtime.

I have 1 major rule for my healthy eating.

I will NOT choke down food.

I know, that might seem obvious - but being excited about eating health food, helps me actually eat it. So often healthy eating looks dry, under seasoned, and always chicken + broccoli. No thanks.

I go through waves where spinach salads sound amazing, and then a few weeks later I gag just thinking about it. So I encourage you to listen to your body (and tastebuds) and shift your meals accordingly. Stay excited about eating. Fix meals that appeal to you. Don't become so routine that it isn't enjoyable anymore. Eating is incredibly fun. Right?

Ok back to my lunch! Here's the break down of what I'm about to chomp down:

Sliced Apples + Justin's Peanut Butter with Honey

Tillamook Farmstyle Vanilla Greek Yogurt + KIND Vanilla Blueberry Clusters (in a silicone muffin liner)

^^ Case in point, 99% of the time I'm a plain Fage Greek Yogurt gal (with a drizzle of honey), but just wasn't feeling it and I needed a change. :)

Two boiled eggs

Tuna Salad: Two packs of Albacore Tuna with plain greek yogurt + mustard

Sliced Tomatoes

And the cute stackable lunch box is from Ikea (such a magical place).

Now, that the lunch pictures have been documented and this post has been typed. It's time to EAT. Bye!