Why don't I have my shit together?

Almost 1 year ago I uprooted my life and moved across country. It was a move that I had chosen (and was excited about) but fear, anxiety, and curiosity about my decision was still present. Since I had sold most of my belongings before the move, re-setting up my life took many months. After months of trying to feel 'grounded' in my new city - I realized that my weight was increasing. This was embarrassing for me because I had a business in health and wellness for almost 6 years. How could I not have my shit together on nutrition, exercise, and well-being?

This discovery didn't spring me into action either. It left me feeling discouraged and unmotivated. Several more pity party months went by with still little action. When I finally decided that the party needed to end and I need to regain my confidence in my own health - I began some soul searching. What I discovered is that I lacked a PLAN! In my past fitness journey, I didn't need a concrete plan. I just sprang out of bed and exercised like clock work. But I wasn't there anymore. That super motivated, habit exerciser Laura was gone. And instead of continually being mad about this change - I started loving the person I was in THIS season of life, and knew my current self needed a plan. 

I created a plan!

I began mapping out my workouts and meals. I became more intentional about drinking water. I held myself accountable by posting about my journey in an online fit community. And it worked! I was so happy to see pounds start to drop and confidence build again.

I shared my plan with others.

When something works, I want to shout it from the rooftops and have others try it out too. So I had several ladies get the same tools and we came up with a plan for them. And it's working! Here are some things said this past week:

"My positive gain this past week is that my clothes gets baggier each week!" - Rosalva

"I feel so great - lost 4lbs already." - Meredith

"Have done much better eating today as well. (I tend to eat out of boredom or merely for pleasure. Not today, 😈! Not today!)" - Amy

So what's the plan?

First let's start with the tools needed to create a plan:

  • 1 year access to an online library of 500+ workouts
  • A daily multi-vitamin smoothie used as a meal
  • Measuring containers for food portions
  • A Nutrition Guide
  • A member of my online fit community
  • Me to mentor you along the way

Once you have the tools, THEN we can plan!

  • A 1-on-1 phone conversation to create a plan that is in alignment with your goals and needs.
  • Access to additional resources and worksheets online

Let's create a plan for you!

Because I want to personally help each person with their plan, I am only taking 5 ladies at a time. So don't wait - click the "Get Started" button below to get all the information on sign up.