In This Guide, you will find:

  1. First Week Training
  2. Business Tools
  3. Steps on how to get your Business Refund
  4. Next Steps

First Week Training

7 assignments to get your business set up and running now:

Business Tools:

Platinum Presenters

1. Sign up for a Platinum Presenters Account. Platinum Presenters is our BIG upline by Christine Dwyer. Because we are in Christine’s downline, we get access to all of her team resources, calls, and trainings. To sign up for an account go here:

2. Then sign up for PP University (PP Training site) here:

Both of these resources are PACKED with great information, printouts, videos, and templates. Go here often!

Team Beachbody Back Office

Your back office is a HUGE resource for trainings, challenge group guides, and personal development.

Look at the tabs: Start Here, Sales & Marketing, News & Training, Success

Start Here - get a tour of your back office and learn how to get started right

Sales & Marketing - tracking guides, challenge group guides, success stories, learn about every product, images, and social media hub

News & Training - stay up to date with new news, trainings broken down by rank (new coach - 15 star), live events, National Wake Up Call recordings

Success - FREE personal development! Don't miss out on looking here.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is also booming with tools. Team Iron and Team Renewed pages Files Tab have documents from lots of coaches. This is where we can share resources with each other - so not only take advantage of the resources shared to you, but also share your resources here for others.

Team Renewed Google Drive

Gain access to the TR google drive to see: mock conversations, trainings (you can do independently), stock photos, and group posts. Don't recreate the wheel, use these resources and posts.

Request access here:

YouTube and Podcast

YouTube: Every question you could EVER have about coaching, growing your business, inviting, or logistics of adding people to your team - is on YouTube. There is a coach somewhere that has done a training on everything. So if you have a question or need to work on a specific weakness, go to YouTube and start watching.

Podcast is an amazing free personal development and training tool. The podcasts I listen too are: Team Beachbody Coach Podcast (NWC), The Platinum Edge Podcast, Andy Stanley Leadership, The EntreLeadership Podcast, This is your Life with Michael Hyatt, and Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller. There are SO many good ones out there and they are great to listen to while getting ready in the morning or while in the car. Find ones that resonate with you and PLUG IN.

Steps on how to get your Business Refund

If you are due a refund on your Coach Enrollment fee, you will want to fill out the refund form within 30 days to get the $39.95 refunded. That form is found at: --> Coach --> Coach Online Office (COO) --> My Business --> My Forms and Documents --> Challenge Pack Free Coach Enrollment Form. The Coach Online Office or COO is your portal to your business. This is where you'll see your customers orders, volume, tools, logos, etc.

Next Steps

  1. Make a list of 100 people you can invite/share your new business with.
  2. Announce your Grand Opening to Family and Friends/Invite them to join you on your healthy journey. Feel free to tag me as well, and I can help you answer questions as they come.
  3. Track all activities and invitations so you can appropriately follow-up and see who you've talked too.
  4. Commit to the 4 Vital Behaviors DAILY
    1. Be a Proof of the Products (exercise and drink Shakeology)
    2. Personal Development
    3. Invite. Invite. Invite. everyone to join you in your health journey.
    4. Recognition of clients or coaches that are succeeding.
  5. Log into your back office --> News & Training --> Training --> complete the Getting Started and Coach Modules.